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Odyssey 2010 - Eastercon 2010 - Radisson Edwardian's Journal
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Thursday, April 8th, 2010
1:26 pm
Odyssey 2010 - Eastercon write up
Well, it's been a couple of days since the Con and having a) caught up on sleep and b) dealt with over 1,500 e-mails that came in whilst I was away (fortunately most were from groups I'm a member of and were just "skim and delete"!) I decided to write up some of my experiences.

Firstly I have to say that this was definitely a great Convention, I had a really good time, met lots of interesting people and really enjoyed myself.

Some highlights:

Running the Pub Quiz on Thursday night where the winning team got 45 out of 50 which was pretty impressive because some of those questions were fiendishly hard :-)

Attending various fascinating talks and panel discussions.

Repeatedly involuntarily ducking during the pyrotechnics demonstration...!

Being very pleased that my BDSM talk and Rope Bondage Workshops were well attended, ditto for the "panel" (well, two of us!) for Scrabble Tactics.

Watching the SCA beat the proverbial out of each other with various weapons!

Picking up half a dozen old or out of print SF books which I've been after for ages :-)

Not getting lynched for expressing some controversial views on the ethics in Joss Whedon's Dollhouse!!!

Laughing repeatedly at the passages being read out in the "Bad Sex in SF" panel :-)))

Oh and somehow I managed to get assimilated by Tech when all I wanted to do was give someone a hug and say goodbye, but ended up spending an hour and a half helping them sort out a ton of equipment!!

Current Mood: happy
Wednesday, April 7th, 2010
5:00 pm
Odyssey 2010 con report at nukapai.net
Here's my Eastercon report :)

Thanks again to Al for the lovely portrait!

And it's lovely to read Billy's Booze Blog covering the whisky tasting (I'm the 'perfumer lady').
4:11 pm
SCA link
Hi, if anyone was at the combat demo and/or the calligraphy workshop on the sunday and missed our flyers, you can find out more by visiting our UK/Ireland/Iceland site here - Insulae Draconis

I enjoyed my first ever con, and am already worknig on getting to Illustrious next year!
4:02 pm
Charity book stall
Enormous thanks to all those who bought and donated books to the charity book stall.

The total was £878.16, which will go to the Alzheimer's Research Trust as part of 'Match it for Pratchett'. (And we'll gift aid it)
2:55 pm
Con report
My personal con report is here. Many thanks to the committee, ops, gophers and all the other people who contributed to the running of a wonderful convention.
2:40 pm
Eastercon Audio fanzines / con reports
I created an audio fanzine of my experiences at Eastercon.
I've finally finished the last one and put them all together on a blog page at http://jimmowatt.blogspot.com/
It was a lot of fun doing it. First few are a bit shaky as I tried to figure out just what it was I wanted to do but as you get to about 6 or 7 onwards I think there's some really nice content.
There's 11 episodes altogether and here are the titles of each one to give you some idea what they might be about.
If you're on itunes you'll find them by searching for eastercon in podcasts.

[Edited to include Jonjo interview]
11:44 am
Whisky tasting write-up
As I claim to be a booze blogger, here's (or on LJ with brokenish formatting) my typically obsessive and wordy writeup of the whisky tasting panel.
12:32 am
Tuesday, April 6th, 2010
11:29 pm
Con report
the report what I wrote today can be found at http://elenopa.livejournal.com/111466.html
10:19 pm
Eastercon 2010 mini con report
 Many thanks to all involved.
I had an absolutely splendid time at the convention.
Mini con report, including links to my Eastercon podcasts are  here

7:21 pm
Con report
My initial con report can be found here http://rhionnach.livejournal.com/315121.html. I will probably write some more, once I feel more awake.
6:21 pm
Con reports
It would be nice if people writing con reports could put linkies in this community so people can find them even if they aren't on your flist.

Thank you in advance!
6:13 pm
Blogging EasterCon
Posted my Eastercon blogs - Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday

Current Mood: sleepy
3:28 pm
Con photos
Uploaded my photos to photobucket.
12:22 pm
Con report
Sort-of con report here.
12:11 pm
Monday, April 5th, 2010
8:39 pm
Whisky Tasting Photos
Hi -

Photos from Eclectic21's Whisky Tasting with Iain M Banks at Eastercon 2010 can be found here.

Click on any image for a larger size. This is an offsite link.

I don't believe we have anyone in these photos who was wearing a "No Photos" badge, but if you're in one of the photos and want it taken down, please reply to this.

Photos are copyright Simon Marsh. Please do not reproduce without permission.
9:20 am
Nominations for 2010 Hugo Awards
The full list of Hugo nominations including pictures from last night's ceremony at Odyssey where they were announced:

Nominations for 2010 Hugo Awards
Wednesday, March 31st, 2010
2:58 pm
We're off
Away to Odyssey....

Have tried to arrange cover for all speakers that I think might fail to appear (I'm concerned about lack of response from Ben Goldacre, so he's now backed up by a talk on launching small satellites), create places for a couple of people we really wanted on programme but who were only able to book at the last minute (Ken MacLeod, Rob Shearman), add in meetings for gophers, etc.  Have managed to cover Carlos's items and rearrange around him. 

Have done more other stuff than I can count.

Have probably forgotten something, but am now packed and about to leave. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone again.
12:52 pm
Last minute packing
A few things to remember to bring:

Second-hand books for the charity book stall (and plastic bags would be appreciated as well).

Skirt for belly-dancing

Juggling balls (we'll be providing balls, but feel free to bring your own)

Children's books/DVDs/comics for the swap shop

Music (if needed) for cabaret and masquerade entries.

Costumes for masquerade/cabaret/hall costumes

Musical instruments if you're helping with the ceilidh workshop (also welcome at north-west Morris workshop).
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